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This won’t mean a thing to you unless you’re an All Time Low fan.

I found this somewhere a while back, I don’t remember when, but I love this.

If you EVER need a reminder of how beautiful you are, how important you are. If you ever need a reminder that you can be who you are and not to give a shit about what people think.

You should just listen to this.

listen to this, each and every one of you. do it. 

this is one of the main reasons why i’m even still alive right now.

Honestly why I am alive.

I think that this could mean something to anyone. All time low fan or not.

crying omfg thank you

(Source: soulcastingsilhouettes)

Jack Barakat: Confetti


Request: Heeeyy! Jack Barakat imagine? You & Jack have been together for 3 and a half years now, and he’s desperately been waiting to propose to you. I don’t care if he proposes at a concert or at the house you two share, but wherever it is, make it super duper fluffy, please? LOVE YOUR BLOG AND IMAGINES! -Hannah c:


A/N: ♡ FLUFF ♡ 

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